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Sports Job Preparation

"I worked with Matt and his team for over a decade. Matt knows what it takes to work in sports and what hiring managers are looking for." - Jon Bishop, Team Marketing and Business Operations Director, National Basketball Association

Would you like to go to work every day at a baseball stadium? Does rubbing elbows with some of the greatest athletes ever sound like a fun way to earn a living? Simply put, do you want a career in professional sports?

Spending over a dozen years as a hiring manager in professional baseball, Matt DeMargel interviewed, hired and trained hundreds of team members. Today, his former staff members are working for organizations like the Baltimore Orioles, Baseball America, Duke University Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Texas Rangers.

Having hired and worked with so many young people, DeMargel has the knowledge and experience to help students desirous of acquiring a position in professional sports. Today, he offers one-hour consultations that will teach young people what sports executives are searching for in candidates. The session includes resume review, insider tips gathered directly from hiring managers, recommendations for career paths and resume distribution to requesting organizations. If you'd like to contact DeMargel about a consultation, click here.